Conservancy Hornby Island (CHI) Index of Files (March 31, 2016)

The historic files have been organised and indexed. They are stored off site and available for research purposes upon written request.

BOX #1

1.     CHI Certificate of Registration, Constitution and Bylaws revised to March, 2001
2.     Charitable Status
3.     CHI Minutes of meetings in a separate box in storage.
4.     CHI Annual General Meeting Reports
5.     CHI Year-end Financial summary from 1991 to 2013 (missing 2010 and 2011 figures)
6.     CHI Articles submitted to the First Edition (not included in these files)
7.     CHI Newsletters by year
8.     CHI Correspondence regarding Raven Coal Mine
9.     Hornby Island Nature Viewing Guide
10.  Christmas Audubon Bird Count Summary from 1991 to 2014

Conservation Covenants

11.  Conservation Covenant between Comox Valley Regional District and Conservancy Hornby Island and The Land Conservancy (TLC) on land purchased from Leigh Cross by the TLC and now part of Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park. (In a binder.)
12.  Cross Property Conservation Covenant background information
13.  Conservation Covenant between the Islands Trust Fund, Conservancy Hornby Island and Tom Knott.
14.  High Salal Ranch: A 1997 Petition between CHI and Ministry of Transportation and Highways about the filing of a Phase five strata subdivision for High Salal Ranch (Bound document)

BOX #2

15.  Heart of Hornby: Upland Crown Lands Phase 1 A three volume report prepared for HIRRA in 2000.(In binders.)
Volume 1: Report Basic Mapping, Initial Ecological Studies and Tenure Option. Volume 2: historical documents and reports pertaining to the Upland Crown Lands. Volume 3: Islands Trust background documents and mapping information.
16.  Digital files on CD and floppy discs

BOX #3

Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park

17.  Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park Acquisition Application including background information (In a binder.)
18.  Contribution Agreement (Two copies.)
19.  Link Parsons Property Ecological Assessment(Two copies.)
20.  Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park News release, Kingfisher Article, and misc. related documents
21.  Copies of Cascadia, Paish and Balkie reports(Included in acquisition application.)
22.  Leaf House donation, history and assessment
23.  Ford Family Orchard Assessment and Ford Family History Marine Conservation Reports

Marine Resource Reports

24.  Forage Fish Habitat and Ecology Reports
25.  Herring Fishery Reports
26.  Geoduck Management Framework and misc. Marine Resource Reports
27.  Near Shore Eelgrass Inventory for Hornby Island (In a binder.)
28.  Norris Rocks Correspondence