Nature Viewing Guide Contributors

The first Hornby Island Nature Viewing Guide was published in print in summer 2015. Thank you to the following volunteers and contributors who have brought this guide together.

Lu Ackerson, Mike Berman, Barb Biagi, Paula Courteau, Josephine Fletcher, Joy Jeffries, Tony Law, Tony Quin, Grant Scott, Joanne Wyvill, and Amanda Zielinski provided their expertise on Hornby’s natural environment.

Jake Berman, Barb Biagi, Bob Cain, Doug Chinnery, Rachelle Chinnery, Sarat Colling, Paula Courteau, Harry Fearman, Elizabeth Macdonald, John McLauchlan, Kurt Morrison, Tony Quin, Kali Wexler, Amanda Zielinski contributed photographs.

The Comox Valley Nature Viewing Guide allowed us to revise and use sections of their publication format.

Mike Berman is the project coordinator.

Sarat Colling assists with project coordination.

John McLachlan does the layout and design.

Comox Valley Regional District, Grant In Aid Program, Hornby Island Community Economic Enhancement Committee, and Conservancy Hornby Island provided funding for the print version.

Hornby Island Community Fund provided funding for the online version.