Kelp Research & Restoration

Mt. Geoffrey Park-Lambert Channel

Mt. Geoffrey Park-Lambert Channel. Photo by Tony Quin

Bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) is a seaweed native to BC and was once common throughout our region. Kelp beds, or kelp forests, are a familiar sight to boaters. Beach walkers observe the long, whip-like plants with a gas-filled flotation bladder washed up on the shore. Bull kelp was more abundant than it is today and the disappearance of these ‘underwater forests’ is a cause for concern. Bull kelp provides important habitat for fish and other sea creatures at all stages of life. For the past few years, CHI has been a supporter of a local project that is experimenting with artificially growing kelp in the ocean, as well as conducting research on the remaining wild kelp beds in the area.