Who We Are

Purpose of the Society

BirdThe Conservancy Hornby Island (CHI) is a volunteer organization formed to preserve and foster stewardship of the human and natural environment of Hornby and adjacent waters . A Constitution and By-laws provide the purpose and guidance to a Board of Director responsible for the ongoing management of programs

The purpose established in 1991 is as follows:

  • To preserve and foster stewardship of the human and natural environment of Hornby and adjacent waters
  • To promote human tenure on the Earth in ways compatible with its nature
  • To encourage and undertake activities directed toward creating and maintaining compatible, sustainable, mutually beneficial interaction between the community and its members, and the natural environment
  • To encourage and undertake public education and individual community participation in resource and land use management activities which favor the purposes of the Society.
  • To encourage and undertake the establishment of wilderness and other natural habitat preserves for the benefit of this and future generations
  • To facilitate or initiate research programs involving local citizens and qualified persons on important issues relevant to the purpose of the Society
  • To raise money and acquire funds and other assistance, and to own, acquire and to take by purchase, donation, devise, or otherwise, land or personal property: and to expend, sell, exchange, lease, let, improve or develop same for the purposes of the Society
  • To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the purposes of the Society and to periodically reassess these purposes

Board Meetings

Glaucous Gull waiting for the herring spawn

Glaucous Gull waiting for the herring spawn. Photo by Tony Quin

The CHI Board meets regularly at 3:00 on Tuesdays at the Hornby/Denman Health Care Building on Hornby Island. Board meetings are open to members .


An annual membership in CHI cost $10. Presently we have a large membership and we also rely on grants and tax deductible donations to maintain our programs. We are also members /support a number conservancy affiliations.


The Land Trust of B.C.
The Land Trust Alliance
Georgia Strait Alliance
Islands Trust Fund
West Coast Environmental Law